Dissertations 2000 – 2010


Dr. Alexander Birkel
Tin (IV) Oxide Nanostructures: Controlled Synthesis, Properties and Applications in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Dr. Christina Birkel
Wet Chemistry Synthesis towards Nanostructures of Thermoelectric Antimonides

Dr. Haitao Gao
Substitution Effects and Electronic Structure Studies in Double Perovskites: How Crystal Structure Influences Physical Properties

Dr. Dominik G. Maschke
A New Class of Bragg Stacks and its Principle Application

Dr. Filipe A. da Silva Raminhos Natalio 
Bioinspired fabrication of biosilica-based bone substitution materials

Dr. Thomas D. Schladt
Design of Multifunctional Magnetic Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications


Dr. Niklas Loges
Kontrolle der Morphologie und Polymorphie von Calciumcarbonat durch monomere und polymere ionische Additive

Dr. Stefan E. Wolf
Nonclassical Crystallization of Calcium Carbonate and Bivalent Metal Carbonates

Dr. Aswani Yella
New Synthetic Routes to Layered Chalcogenide Nanostructures

Dr. Stefan Zimmermann
Oberflächenfixierte Rhodium- und Cobaltkatalysatoren für die Hydrierung und Hydroformylierung


Dr. Marcus Goga
Synthese und Charakterisierung von Oxidchalkogeniden und Bronzen für die Nanostrukturierung

Dr. Ibrahim Shukoor
Engineered Multifunctional NanoTools for Biological and Cancer Applications


Dr. Meike Fleischhammer
Untersuchungen zur Löslichkeit von Kobalt und Eisen in TiO2-Bulk- sowie in TiO2-Nanoproben und deren Einfluss auf die magnetischen Eigenschaften

Dr. Alexandra Jung
Tuning the structural and magnetic properties of Sr2FeReO6 by substituting Fe and Re with valence invariant metals

Dr. Gennady Melnyk
Phasengleichgewichte, Kristallstrukturen und elektrische Eigenschaften der Verbindungen in ternären Systemen M-M'-{Sn, Sb, Bi}

Dr. Nawaz Muhammad Tahir
Functionalized surfaces and surface functionalization of nanomaterials

Dr. Nicole Christin Zink
Synthesis and Characterization of MQ2-Nanoparticles (M = Mo, W, Zr; Q = S, O)


Dr. Andreas Reiber
Nanostructuring by Templated Synthesis of Nanowires and Controlled Crystallization of Calcium Phosphate on Self-Assembled Monolayers


Dr. Mathias Balz
Investigations of Cooperative Interactions in Template Induced Crystallization Processes and Kinetic Studies of Nucleation and Growth by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering


Dr. Thomas Block
Neue Materialien für die Magnetoelektronik: Heusler- und Halb-Heusler-Phasen

Dr. Christine Gieck
From Driscrete Anions to Extended Solids: New Uranium Thiophosphates


Dr. Marcus Bartz
Self Assembled Monolayers for Engineering of Structured Inorganic Materials in the Micrometer and Submicrometer Range


Dr. Olaf Lang
Darstellung und Untersuchung von Materialien mit negativem Magnetowiderstand